SaaS and Custom Application Developer

Custom Application Development

Whatever you need your online application to do we can provide it at RedElement. We will custom build a solution for your particular problem. Take a look at some of our options to determine which is right for your project.

Self Hosted

We will hand over all code to you on project completion and can assist in installing on your private server.

Cloud Hosted

We develop and host your code on our servers. Your development cost is lowered in favor of monthly hosting charges.

SaaS Request

Request a new SaaS application to be developed by us. If enough requests are filed we will develop the software with your input. In return for testing you will receive 6 months of free usage.

Featured Application: CPEZone

A recent addition to the RedElement library, CPEZone is set to become the go to platform for Certified Professional Examinations.

Take the pain out of CPE requirements

CPEZone is the latest edition to the RedElement portfolio. It's currently in version 1 with version 2 set to release in the first quarter of 2019. CPEZone is designed to simplify the process of re-certifying tax professionals by providing a one stop solution for tax societies to manage re-certification.

Most notable features

  • Built in payment modules
  • Easy to use interface
  • Email reminders for customers
  • Simple video uploading

Super simple pricing

Want to use CPEZone? It's easy to get started!

1-100 Customers
$99 per month
101-1000 Customers
$149 per month
1001-5000 Customers
$199 per month
5001+ Customer
$299 per month

Seen Enough? Check this section out then.

RedElement is your go to source for high quality development, support, and hosting. We can build a solution for you from the servers to the code and provide continuing support whenever you need it.

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